Indis Group is a group of over 18 chemical distributors, in over 18 different countries, who leverage their combined strengths and capabilities to provide unmatched global solutions for their customers in their respective markets.

We offer an impressive range of products and services, while maintaining an unparalleled level of flexibility and professional service. Given our broad global presence we stand ready to meet the needs of our customers and suppliers, both large and small, in all corners of the world.


We believe that the INDIS association can be very beneficial for the local customers of each of the associates. Single contact point that can offer majority of their raw materials.

Access to a large resource of market information from various parts of the world.


We are looking for companies who want to find new and better ways of taking their business global and challenging the way business has traditionally been done.

If you feel that your company might fit into the INDIS way of doing business and there is still no member in your country, come and Join Us ...